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Amanchu! – Episode 12 (END)

Heads up! Summer is barely starting for our diving crew. In a fitting and conclusive send-off, Amanchu! bids farewell with its tagline of One for All, All for One Fun for All, All for Fun. I couldn’t agree more that this gentle reminder as it easily summarizes what the show is all about despite its generally […]

Anyanchu! – Episode 11

Nyan, that was cute and… a bit hard to swallow. We’ve got one more week left of Anyanchu!, and they decided to tease us with this diabetes inducing episode. Not that I hate it. If there’s one thing you can learn about me in this post, it’s that I’m fond of cats. Meowever, that doesn’t automatically […]

Amanchu! – Episode 10

I usually get to these contemplative moods once in a while specially when an anime hits too close to home for comfort. I was even deliberating with the idea of posting something about this episode but whatever. Let’s-a-go! I guess. Amanchu!‘s theme this week is eerily timely considering that I was at a crossroad just […]

Amanchu! – Episode 9

Umpf. That hit closer to home than I expected. For some reason, this week’s Amanchu! reads like a personal introspection by its author — sorta like a piece taken out of a diary. By the way how Amano-sensei presents and phrases Teko’s character and words this episode makes me feel like she’s drawing Amanchu! out of her own experience. Teko’s […]

Amanchu! – Episode 8

Episode 8 is as straightforward as it can get. Divided into two parts like with previous episodes, we get to see more of the Diving Club’s members’ personality through each of their own perspectives. I’ll say this as early as now: I’m glad I chose Ai as best girl. Both halves of this episode was rather simple, yet, what […]

Amanchu! – Episode 7

Amanchu! has a lot of great episodes that it’s starting to get difficult deciding which one is my favorite. I watched this episode four times just to digest and understand what makes it so entertaining and soothing to watch, and that should be enough of a proof that it belongs to this show‘s best of the best. Or rather, […]

Amanchu! – Episode 6

This week’s Amanchu! is strikingly reminiscent of Aria. From the basic structure, tone, to composition, even the absence of a visually stunning scene didn’t impede the show’s ability to connect with the viewers. Episode 6 is basically all about Teko as we see her come to terms with herself on what she really wanted to do. She […]

Amanchu! – Episode 5

As someone who hasn’t been in a club during my academic years, Amanchu! makes me regret being part of the Go Home peeps. Well, yeah. I did actually join a club during college but… I never really attended any meetings or much worse had the chance to introduce myself to my supposedly club mates. Oh, boy. […]

Amanchu! – Episode 4

I love anime that opens up new angles on which you can view life through a different perspective. It’s one of the primary reason I’m so into the medium, and also a main contributor of how I got into it in the first place. Surely, I would’ve turned out to be a different person than […]

Amanchu! – Episode 3

I noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about Amanchu! figuratively in my previous posts. Then again, I believe that’s the closest way I can truly describe the beauty within this show. While it’s obvious that Amanchu!‘s visuals are aesthetically elegant, the beauty it managed to capture in this episode is the connection between Pikari and Teko. I mentioned during my […]