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Spring 2017 – Week 6 & Koe no Katachi

Watching Koe no Katachi was the best possible way I could’ve ended this week, and what better way to commemorate this experience than to throw in a couple of impressions? Koe no Katachi First off, I suggest reading this with a grain of salt since I was watching the movie right when my senses were […]

Yotsuba, Mimesis, and A Product of its own Time

It’s not everyday that we take a moment to sit back, reminiscing those times we made mama angry, or, smiling at the thought of something stupid your 7 y/o self would probably do. We’re too preoccupied with what’s in front of us nowadays, and, normally, that very same preoccupation will slowly evolve into a daily routine — a […]

Overlord – Volume 4-9

What started as a casual read turned into an obsession — a craving. I’ve been meaning to post about Overlord last week but I just can’t find myself to stop flipping the pages and remind myself, “Hey, you’ve been reading for 2 days straight. Git sum lyf”. Welp, I think I just set a new […]

Spice and Wolf – Volume 12

If you’re a fan of the Spice and Wolf series, you surely must have heard about the release of the 17th volume which marks the epic conclusion of Holo and Lawrence’s travel. Having heard of it last month spurred me to dig into 2-feet deep of digital copies of Light Novels, anime, and other stuff […]

Koe no Katachi: Afterthoughts

I’m not a proactive manga reader. I usually pick one up because waiting for a new season of an anime adaptation feels too long and excruciating specially when it ends in a cliffhanger — or, as it is with most of the shows these days, when it won’t be getting any new season at all […]