Fall 2017 – Week 5

Fall 2017 sure is undoubtedly a blessing from the gods of anime, and to think that we're halfway done...


Fall 2017 – Weeks 3 & 4

I apologize if I missed last week’s post. I ended up getting immersed in refurbishing the blog’s look and forgot that I was in the middle of writing something. In any case, it’s hard to miss anime this week when you’ve got 3-gatsu on steroids and Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou on crack.

Fall 2017 – Week 2

Overall a great week for anime. Unfortunately, I'm too busy with this season's titles that I'm unable to get back on my backlog. I might have to consider skipping a season to catch up but... whatever.

Fall 2017 – Week 1

Geez. I'm breaking personal records this season. Almost 3000 words for 8 anime, and I'm supposed to watch and cover 14. Yikes. I may sound like I'm complaining here but... complaining is going to be the least of my worries when having a handful of great shows to watch week after week.

Summer 2017 – Week 13 (END)

Episode 13 is a complete roller coaster of emotions solidifying Made in Abyss' place as one of my top anime this year. Incidentally, I already called this as early as episode 1 so I'm not really surprised.