Watching Koe no Katachi was the best possible way I could’ve ended this week, and what better way to commemorate this experience than to throw in a couple of impressions? Koe no Katachi First off, I suggest reading this with a grain of salt since I was watching the movie right when my senses were […]

I’ve been mulling over a couple of… personal stuff recently courtesy of Sakura Quest. Now that we have an idea of its general outline, it just started to become difficult for me not to overly relate myself with the characters. But hey, I guess that’s why it’s set with grown up peeps trying to find […]

I’m almost ready to throw in the towel and admit that I’m the odd one out when it comes to showing their appreciation for Shingeki no Kyojin‘s 2nd season. I love it, and I’m really enjoying what it has to offer, and that’s indicative that, well, I can’t really find anything to hate about it… so far. Oh, sorry, […]

I’ve got nothing much to say for this week but if anything, Spring isn’t so bad than what I initially expected. Alice to Zouroku – Episodes 4 & 5 I think I’m finally starting to get a feel for Alice to Zouroku. Outside its sci-fi and fantasy elements, it isn’t just the typical atmospheric iyashikei […]

Back in my day, we used to watch anime in VHS! Memes aside, these recent episodes of Sakura Quest give us a glimpse on one of the theme the show is most probably going to dive into. It retains its flair for humor, yet is able to display a deft handling of shifting its tone to […]

No Sakura Quest post this week. I have…. a lot things on my plate. To compensate for that, I’ve at least made this Week 3 write-up longer than usual. Started watching Re:Creators too; a show I wasn’t initially keen on picking up because of the hearsay surrounding it, but so far I’m really, really loving what I’m seeing. […]

Courtesy tells me that I should not write anything about Persona 5 in this post because that game already consumed majority of my free time I could’ve otherwise spent watching anime… oh, wait. I just did. Screw it. Alice to Zouroku – Episode 2 A pleasant episode. Is Alice to Zouroku going to be this […]

Wow. Did they just jell together the main cast in a single episode? Impressive. I’m happy to say that Sakura Quest‘s second episode did a great job at continuing the momentum its premier left. The pacing didn’t slow down a notch, and so far it doesn’t seem like Sakura Quest is holding back in introducing […]

All right, boys. This post officially marks the start of my Spring 2017 weekly write-up as well as this crappy site’s first anniversary. Yay! This usually calls for a celebration, but I don’t want to shamelessly advertise that abominable Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Ep 1 post I made a year ago. Anyways, my hands are aching to […]

Ahh, the freedom. That feeling of liberty after going through what must have been an eternity. I only have Maid Dragon and Tales of Zestiria left to cover — let’s make this quick. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 13 (END) Hmm. What can I say? That wasn’t the kind of ending I was […]