Winter 2018 – Week 7

 I love that most of the time you’ll get a different answer when you ask someone what’s their AOTS (and I equally hate that most of the time ‘muh AOTS’ discussions turn into a war zone. I’m looking at you, r/ and /a/). Only proves the point of just how strong this season is.

Violet Evergarden – Episode 7

With that said, if the season ended right now, I’d gladly hand Violet Evergarden my AOTS. Of course, this idea is rubbish and unfair, but that’s only a big What If.


Ah, wonderful. Violet literally just skipped on the surface of a lake. Whether it really is a “miracle” as Oscar puts it, or he’s just an unreliable (and drunk) storyteller with a perspective blown out into the world of his magical fairy tales, I don’t care. I’m not going to talk about that. I mean, who takes realism in fiction seriously anyways? Maybe Violet (and some salty anon).

While they were in some way or another able to pen a happy ending for Oliver’s (or Olivia’s) story, reality isn’t as convenient as what Violet wanted it to be, though she has every natural right to feel that way. Oscar has already grieved about his wife and daughter, and he only needed one last spark and inspiration to accept what had happened, whereas Violet, on the other hand, only learned about the news of the Major’s whereabouts. If Oscar is at the final stage of his grief, Violet is just starting, and we may need to see another “miracle” for our main heroine to be able to come in terms of losing a loved one.

Another reality Violet has to face is her past. We’re brought back into Hodgkin’s dialogue from the first episode about her “burning up” and Oscar’s line of “carrying the cross”. I only just realized the true implications of what Hodgkin forewarned Violet with. As Violet gradually learns new meanings to her emotions, feelings, and experiences, memories and scars from the war would surface, like drying scab revealing raw flesh beneath. And for someone who’s just realizing the full spectrum of emotions that exist, I can only imagine how intensified and fresh the feelings she’s going through — think of a deaf experiencing sound for the first time. After all, it isn’t just a story about Violet and Gilbert: it’s equally about a parent and a child, siblings orphaned by war, an only child searching for his mother… these are people who might’ve died in Violet’s hand, people whom she would stab with a knife if they met on the battlefield instead. Taking away someone’s life without remorse, what right has she to wish that Gilbert is alive?

Yuru Camp – Episode 7


Fujiko’s gang is the kind of group I want to be in. The “we only have $10 but let’s take a trip somewhere and chug down booze till dusk” type of dudes.

Sora yori mo Tooi basho – Episode 8


As cute and hilarious this episode is, I have to admit I had to put up a brave face just to watch it. I have this very, very vague memory (probably it was just a dream that got seared into my consciousness) of my dad threatening to throw me overboard, like that iconic picture of young Simba on Rafiki’s outstretched arms, only with malicious intent. That memory (or dream) started it all for me. And then during one swimming class when I was 7 or 8 something, I almost drowned to death. I tried to do a dog paddle in the deepest part of the pool and seconds later I almost swam to heaven (I have this make-believe reason as to why I did that but I’ll leave the specifics out). Fast forward to 13 or so years later, me and my buds were drinking. I was drunk enough to stupidly try to act cool and swim and voila — I almost drowned in pool water (and beer) again. This time I called for help but I only heard drunken laughter in return. That’s the final nail in the coffin… which sound fortunate because I’m not in the coffin yet.

Anyways, awesome episode. Yorimoi may inspire you to “go somewhere that’s not here” but don’t do anything as risky as staying on the boat’s deck on such a terrible weather condition — that’s overboard (sorry). It’s also kinda cool how at the end of each episode they make you feel as if the journey is just beginning. I could’ve said this line every week and it would still make sense.

Hakumei to Mikochi – Episode 7

I was done as soon as I saw that ribbon.

For a moment Hakumei to Mikochi made me entirely forget about my fear of bugs. Not that I’m mortally scared of them, but they are at the top of the list of things I don’t want near me. As such it felt kinda odd empathizing with a beetle on topics that are hip and trendy (I see myself as that dowdy guy who grew up from the sticks), and most incredible of all I wasn’t expecting to, uh, find Koharu adorably moe. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of this, so there’s that.

Maybe it’s the setting, but Hakumei to Mikochi has a lot at its disposal when it comes to world-building and side-characters. I feel like fresher ideas are a lot more accessible because of how its story revolves around a miniature world. Like… what should a beautician’s house look like? Well, let’s make it an egg! For all I care they could’ve made that a hollow log instead and it would still end up being interesting and new. A side-story about photography? A bunny sounds good, and perhaps an alligator would work just as fine. That isn’t to say that a person with a lick of imagination would be able to craft something similar. Hakumei to Mikochi may look simple at first glance, but a closer viewing reveals parts that are thoroughly handcrafted with thought and care.

Darling in the FranXX – Episode 7

I’m Team Strawberry, but I gotta admit 02 is alluring.

I was wondering if kissing is something that’s intrinsic to reproduction. Is it an action spurred by love, passion, sexual arousal or whatever? I mean… what’s the logic/psychology behind it? Why can’t we just rub noses together? Is it an action that served a different function besides an expression/gesture? Then why would it change/evolve to begin with?

Anyways, episode 7 had some pretty substantial plot (and the other kind of “plot”) development despite it being a beach episode. I just don’t see what’s the point of leaving them in a place where they might discover something the higher-ups don’t want them to. Whether they intended them to find out about it, a case of bad writing, or the higher-ups either forgot or are not aware of the place, I don’t know.

Weekly Weekly-chan

Not much going on. Just decided that I might continue working and save up $$$, so that by the time I have an idea of what I really want to do I won’t have to worry about the expenses.

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