Zombieland Saga – Episodes 8 & 9

I know I said in my last post that this anime has balls but… I didn’t mean to take it literally. In any case, let me say it again with more conviction: THIS. ANIME. HAS. BALLS. Lily has BALLS, and Saki has BALLS of steel.


Sorry. As you can see I’m just really, really having so much fun with this. It’s just… I don’t know, as if I haven’t praised this show enough, let me just say that it has been pure, undiluted entertainment Zombieland Saga has been injecting into my veins during these last two episodes. Those who didn’t pick this up or dropped it somewhere along the line, it’s okay, I understand you guys. Those who are still here 9 episodes in — YO RO SHI KU~! They’re on a roll right now, and they’re certainly looking to take this season’s last stretch by storm. AOTS seems like a modest achievement now given how much more surprises Zombieland Saga has in store for us: it’s Yugiri’s turn next week, there’s the OG Legendary Yamada Tae who’s been hyped since the first episode and has constantly been making a case for herself with her usual antics, Franchouchou’s secret waiting to be spilled out into the open and so on.

And while that sounds as awesome as getting all the gifts you want for Christmas, there’s a dubious point of interest that’s slowly coming into light the more we indulge ourselves in Zombieland Saga‘s fantastic run. We’ve already been given a disclaimer from the start that the others were in their own way great and famous personalities during their previous lives, and that puts Sakura’s identity in the group into a state of disparity. It’s a difference which wasn’t really brought into the forefront because the former half was more concerned with building their chemistry as a unit than putting one character under the microscope. It’s also probably one reason why they had to give Sakura amnesia so as not to put too much pressure from the thought that an upstart like her is literally performing with living legends. That long motto/slogan or whatever written on Saki’s costume confirms that it is also their saga that is being saved, though it further thrusts Sakura in the spotlight because of how pale her circumstances/backstory is compared to the others. But maybe… her own saga was already saved the moment she took the role of a zombie idol since that was what her dream was to begin with, and in hindsight being able to perform at the same level as the others is already quite a legendary feat in itself. Anyhow, I wouldn’t be surprised if this facet of her character will become another source of conflict in the future or possibly even be used as the stage for this show’s climax, but in a way it sounds too cheesy to me so I’d rather say I wouldn’t be surprised if Zombieland Saga surprises me again with however they twist it into something bonkers.

Short thoughts:

  • Dang. That badass song. Really loved it. Totally drips with that 00’s vibe.
  • !?
  • Nietzche’s aphorism ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ which he wrote in his book Twilight of the Idols sounds somewhat ironic when you take it out of context and use it in Zombieland Saga.
  • What in the f is that… bird doing on that girl’s head. Do Japanese delinquents really wear something like that?
  • The biggest surprise in that last episode is definitely Tae’s dancing. She’s… really dancing in sync with the rest. Her gradual growth in the background is like some sort of a countdown. What it’s counting down to, I don’t know, but it’s definitely going to be extraordinary even by this show’s standards.
  • Saki is the best girl so far, but I’m still more of a Junko fan.
  • This reveal on Lily… I actually find him a lot more adorable now than before, to be very honest with you. And no, I’m not even gay. I guess it’s because he’s just so pure and innocent.

2 Replies to “Zombieland Saga – Episodes 8 & 9”

  1. I didn’t notice that delinquent’s head when I watched the episode. Maybe she is turning Super Saiyan?


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