I finally had the privilege to watch Aria — and by golly it only took me one season out of three to be convinced that it’s one of the greatest thing I can ask for an anime. Aria, to most of its fans, is considered to be the flag-ship of the iyashikei genre — a genre […]


Can you believe that we only have 4 episodes left of 3-gatsu no Lion? Not much to say about this episode, honestly, but that part with Hayashida and Rei (again) pretty much spells out what 3-gatsu has been aiming for, despite its lack of an objective in sight. I mean, I remember asking myself before […]


This is probably the first anime I’ve seen where the more rotten the characters become, the better it gets. And I say that with a tinge of misery because who would in the right mind wants to see these kids suffer? Ooops. I forgot. There’s Ecchan, the girl who was previously harassed and is now […]


Winter 2017 gets even better with Maid Dragon‘s inclusion on my watch list. Why didn’t I pick this show up sooner? Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episodes 1-3 I wasn’t expecting much from Maid Dragon when I decided to take the plunge. Nevertheless, it was pleasant enough to brighten up my otherwise hollow day brought by […]


Remember what I said months ago that 3-gatsu has one of the most strongest set of characters? I still do. Uhh. I don’t know how best to describe this episode other than it’s poetic. The visuals, the cuts, the staging, the composition, the sound editing, literally everything’s fusing together into this symphony of cinematography mastery […]


The gauntlet is thrown. The first round of shots are fired. The enemy has seized and conquered. Yet here I am, alone and terrified. Episode 5 was honestly paced a tad fast for me, but that last line Akane-sensei said was more than enough to make time stop for Hanabi. It’s been a while since […]


Probably the weakest week this season thus far. Rakugo‘s proving to be resilient with its consistency, whilst a mixed reception is in store for LWA. The star of this week has got to be Seiren, and it’s very much surprising how much impact to a show can a change in lead do. Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode […]


What do you do when you’re on a slump? Like, when you feel like you can’t do it anymore, or inspiration won’t come regardless of how hard you search for one? It’s a fairly simple answer, and you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you just have to stop doing it. Pause, take a step […]


How do we stop Kuzu no Honkai? We don’t. After a rather slow first two episodes, Kuzu no Honkai has spiraled out of control with its last two. And that isn’t only in terms of the plot reveals and twists, as Kuzu no Honkai‘s delivering the best directed episodes this season. These last 2 weeks […]


Hmm. Is it just me or is anime getting better? Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 4 Aki uses dere. It’s super effective! Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episode 4 Jugemu Jugemu~ Gokō-no surikire Kaijarisuigyo-no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kuunerutokoro-ni Sumutokoro Yaburakōji-no burakōji Paipopaipo Paipo-no-shūringan Shūringan-no Gūrindai Gūrindai-no Ponpokopī-no Ponpokonā-no Chōkyūmei-no Chōsuke~ I should’ve named […]


Uhh I can’t seem to figure out what to say for this episode but oh well — I’ll keep it short, I guess. Not as funny as the last one, but nevertheless an enjoyably time with Kazuma and co. Butt of the joke for this week is Aqua, and it took quite a while for the […]