I finally had the privilege to watch Aria — and by golly it only took me one season out of three to be convinced that it’s one of the greatest thing I can ask for an anime. Aria, to most of its fans, is considered to be the flag-ship of the iyashikei genre — a genre […]


It’s not everyday that we take a moment to sit back, reminiscing those times we made mama angry, or, smiling at the thought of something stupid your 7 y/o self would probably do. We’re too preoccupied with what’s in front of us nowadays, and, normally, that very same preoccupation will slowly evolve into a daily routine — a […]


They may be brothers, but the similarities can only go so far. Mob Psycho 100 delivers yet again with another satisfying episode that ended in yet again another cliffhanger. Oh, boy. You know what, Ritsu reminds me of basically any troll on the skin of the Earth who happened to learn about internet. He may be smart, […]


I honestly don’t know what to make of this episode. While it’s nice to have Sorey and the crew back on center stage, it would’ve been a much better welcome party if the hype the storm — and Velvet’s advertisement — built up hadn’t been so… anti-climatic and underwhelming. Yes, I get it. Again, I’m led to believe that the […]


Amanchu! has a lot of great episodes that it’s starting to get difficult deciding which one is my favorite. I watched this episode four times just to digest and understand what makes it so entertaining and soothing to watch, and that should be enough of a proof that it belongs to this show‘s best of the best. Or rather, […]


For the last 3 months, I’ve been shredding my brain cells and scribbling on my notebook in preparation for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N5 come December. After half a decade of relying on subtitles and waiting for the localization of games I’m aching to play, I finally decided that enough is enough. Just how many cute things cute girls did that I missed […]


Following the explosive finisher we had last episode is yet another heavy build up of hype this week. I can barely contain my curiosity on what’s going to happen next! At this rate, I’m seriously considering catching up in the manga. Episode 6 is thick with character development and progression, as the stress doesn’t only limit […]


I can’t bring myself to be salty about this episode considering that Berseria is giving Zestiria a run for its money. Seriously. I’m bummed out that Berseria‘s inclusion into ToZX‘s narrative is entirely irrelevant aside from being a promotional propaganda. I’m not even sure if blogging this and the previous episode was worth it because I don’t see myself playing Berseria‘s game […]


This week’s Amanchu! is strikingly reminiscent of Aria. From the basic structure, tone, to composition, even the absence of a visually stunning scene didn’t impede the show’s ability to connect with the viewers. Episode 6 is basically all about Teko as we see her come to terms with herself on what she really wanted to do. She […]


Welcome to the NHK! has been on my favorites list as far as I can remember. However, the reasoning behind that is a bit complicated in comparison to the other shows that garnered the same distinction. I hate Welcome to the NHK! I hate Misaki. I hate Satou Tatsuhiro. And more importantly, I hate its author — Tatsuhiro Takimoto. I […]


Mob Psycho 100 is shaping up to be this season’s best of the bests. Episode 5 lived up to its hype, and even managed to give us something more. I was so thoroughly hyped for the Mob-Teru encounter over the past weeks that the fact of a one-sided battle slipped out of my mind. Of […]


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