Aria – A nod to traditional Japanese aesthetics

I finally had the privilege to watch Aria, and by golly, it only took me one season out of three to be convinced that it's one of the greatest things I can ask for an anime.


Spring 2018 – Week 4

Aiya! Whaddaya know? Spring 2018 actually marks this blog's second year in existence. I'm amazed I almost forgot about it. Should I make a post to commemorate this achievement? Nah, knowing how lazy I am, I'll probably just sit back and watch more anime.

Spring 2018 – Week 3

Man, it's been a while since I've gotten so much free time. Seems like picking up 6-8 anime in a season and covering 4-5 is the optimal choice should I want to ease my load a bit.

Winter 2018 – Week 11

Yuru Camp has ended. Muh weekly dose of comfy just got cut in half. I'm trying to prevent having a withdrawal by telling myself there's Amanchu next season.

Winter 2018 – Weeks 9 & 10

Ah, it's finally the last stretch. I'm glad that I was able to blog some of the shows this season, kinda like that feeling of being part of something great. I know 2018 is far from over, but if 'Season of the Year' is a thing, I'm sure it would be obvious which is it.

Winter 2018 – Week 7

I love that most of the time you'll get a different answer when you ask someone what's their AOTS (and I equally hate that most of the time 'muh AOTS' discussions turn into a war zone. I'm looking at you, r/ and /a/). Only proves the point of just how strong this season is.