I finally had the privilege to watch Aria — and by golly it only took me one season out of three to be convinced that it’s one of the greatest thing I can ask for an anime. Aria, to most of its fans, is considered to be the flag-ship of the iyashikei genre — a genre […]

Winter 2017 is still going strong despite 3-gatsu and Rakugo now behind us. That should be held as a compliment in my opinion, specially with hindsight that the previous seasons felt over right when one or two shows drew its curtains. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 11 As of now, the best thing […]

Not the best ending I was looking for, but who cares? 3-gatsu was magnificent. Episode 22 was supposed to be an optimistic send-off, but for some odd reason that I’m still trying to explain, I was feeling restless instead. It isn’t because of the episode itself, but rather, in the same way Rei asked why we […]

The best thing about being able to blog the shows I’m keeping tabs on is that I’m able to interact with them further. Before, I used to watch an episode and forget about it afterwards. For that reason among others, explaining why I like or dislike something is far easier this time around than with how […]

Episode 21 made me fall in love with 3-gatsu and with Japanese culture…. again. Ahh, Japanese culture and tradition. It’s a topic I haven’t discussed that much before given that we’re mostly not well-versed with the subject matter, but this episode certainly is jam-packed to the brim of reasons why I want to visit Japan. […]

Looking back at these last 2 episodes makes me feel scared of what’s in store next for Hanabi. Episode 9 may look like a charming conclusion to Hanabi and Ecchan’s relationship, but experience tells me otherwise. The awful taste of being friendzoned is something that you can’t easily wash off with some I’ll forget bullshit. Having said […]

Ahh, what a great season it has been, eh? Winter 2017 was more fun than what I initially expected out of it, and Spring 2017 doesn’t look shabby either. Anime is just getting better and better. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 9 CHU CHU YEAH! BEE’S KNEE! CHU CHU YEAH! CHU CHU! I […]

Still remember how Shimada-san used to be a “side-character” Rei presumed as a hurdle? He’s owning the show now. That’s just one way you can translate the aphorism everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, and with consistent finesse, 3-gatsu was able to convey how arduous the path Shimada-san took. This has been […]

Overall a very satisfying week for anime. Maid Dragon‘s topping my charts along with 3-gatsu, followed suit by Kuzu no Honkai. Been watching Sora no Woto as well. You guys should check it out — it’s pretty good. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 8 I’m not much of a KyoAni fan, really, but Maid […]

They say that a healthy relationship should be a give and take between the couple; take away one side of it, and you’ve got yourself a Kuzu no Honkai. And this week’s episode shifts the focus to the charming Moca, that annoying brat who’s willing to give everything to Mugi without asking for anything in […]

A rough week at the office, a great week for anime. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 7 It’s a beach episode, and they turned it into something warm and lighthearted! Inb4 KyoAni finds a way meme. Another great and satisfying episode. Maid Dragon has established itself as one of my most looked forward […]