Zombieland Saga – Episode 7

What he said.

Lightning struck the same place twice. Truck-kun made a comeback, and Junko fixed a door.

…I don’t know what to believe anymore.


The first half of this episode was an utter slog. I thought for sure they settled to conclude this falling out in the most predictable and melodramatic way, an approach that obviously is not Zombieland Saga-esque. While it certainly felt like that was what they were really going to do, I’m still essentially the one to blame here for, uh, expecting only the expected. There’s a sort of checklist similar situations like these often follow to resolve an internal conflict within a group, and at first Zombieland Saga seemed keen to tick all of these boxes without so much of a protest. They’ve put a check on all of those boxes, all right, at least not in the way most sensible anime would’ve done it — they scribbled on it, drew whatever doodles that crossed their mind like some kid who unleashed all his pent out boredom on a sheet of paper. The final product looked unintelligible, incoherent even… but that’s exactly just how Zombieland Saga likes it.

The first half of this episode was an utter slog, and perhaps that’s for the best. Because if it was otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the same exasperated reactions from each hijinks it conjured at every turn as soon as they got out of their funk. I started to sense something… odd was building up when the mushrooms in Junko’s head increased in numbers. By then it wasn’t very suspicious, and I simply chalked it up as one of their nickel-and-dime shenanigans that somehow managed to find its way into this squabble, like someone cracking a joke at a funeral. And then Kotarou ordered Junko to fix the door. And she did. It looked utterly harmless, a sort of matter of fact gag that would make you question whether or not you’re seeing things correctly which is exactly what came into my mind. Then three minutes later, all hell broke loose.


I had to hit the pause button every five minutes or so just to bring my palm onto my face and chuckle in disbelief. This anime has balls, I thought. Yet despite its seemingly spontaneous and arbitrarily developing whims and gags that borders on the inane, there’s still some sliver of logic and sense retained in most of its major punchlines, a sort of ‘wait, that’s not exactly what this is about’ kind of footnote. Or so it would seem to suggest as one or two of these are nothing more than speculation. There’s Junko getting ran over by truck-kun van-kun which, as hilarious as it was done, raises the question whether or not Kotarou was the culprit behind Sakura’s own untimely demise, an accident so similar to what happened this episode it triggered another deja vu in her. To take matters into the extreme — because why not, it’s Zombieland Saga we’re talking about — how likely is it that Kotarou also played a part in the rest of the gang’s death? Okay, maybe that’s too much… not unless he’s a god. Tae’s gradual recovery from a bona fide rabid zombie to a sentient undead was also made the butt of the joke as she’s now able to grunt in reply to others, a vast improvement to her prior way of “interacting” by biting everyone she sees. And while every fan cheers and jeers and laughed at the ludicrousness of Franchouchou’s legendary performance, one skeptic is inching closer to uncovering a massive scoop. Though having said that, I find it weird why no one else from the audience seemed to recognize Ai especially when her previous group, Iron Frill, performing at the same venue should’ve made it easier for them to draw a connection. Sure, it’s been 10 years since that happened, but Ai’s death wasn’t just any other kind of death a community would easily forget regardless of how famous she was during her time (and by the looks of it she was pretty well-known). If anything, I’m certainly curious to see how this will transpire, if their secret will inevitably get out of the open as well as how people will react to it. They’re only afraid of zombies because of this ill-perceived notion they get from movies, books that they’re out there looking to eat your brains, so mayhaps the girls would make it a point to change their perception of them, and accept them for what they are trying to be: idols. Well, whatever. Let’s just have fun with whatever Zombieland Saga throws at us.

Short thoughts:

  • That 3DCGI looked good… or I guess it didn’t really matter because the turn of events was pretty wild.
  • Holy crap, Junko can sing like that? I thought it was Yugiri’s voice but damn.
  • If you ask me who my favorite idol is in this group, the answer should be obvious by now.
  • Tae isn’t in her final form yet but it seems like she’d get along very well with Saki.
  • C’mon, fellas. Kotarou isn’t that terrible of a dude. Should’ve been obvious from the earlier episodes that there’s another side to him we haven’t seen yet.
  • I was perfectly okay when the lightning struck and they started to sound like vocaloids propped with a glowing aura or whatever, but the moment they shot lasers from the tip of their fingers I just gave up trying to make sense of what’s happening.

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