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Spring 2017 – Week 13 (END)

I only have 4 episodes to cover for this week. Summer 2017 will kick-off next next week, along with it shows this season that will be carried over. Sakura Quest – Episode 13 I’ll be including my Sakura Quest coverage into my weekly seasonal posts. Expect to see more of it this Summer. Anyways, yeah. I […]

Just a thought on NieR: Automata and Little Witch Academia

Some NieR: Automata spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk. I’m playing this game. It’s a high-paced, action-packed game wherein you control an android wielding weapons ranging from a katana to a two-meter long greatsword. The combat is addictive, ecstatic even. But it makes me sad. 40 hours spent, I finally reached the game’s exalted […]

Spring 2017 – Week 11

Summer is in the horizon, and I’ve still yet to scout which new shows I’m going to cover. Alice to Zouroku – Episode 11 Hardest thing about connecting with Alice to Zouroku‘s characters is that, well, they’re still kids with kiddy problems. Of course, we can still sympathize with them to an extent, and even […]

Spring 2017 – Week 9

I’m trying out a new approach for writing my weekly posts. Glad to say it’s working out a lot better than before! As evident in this post it’s at least two times longer than my previous ones. I simply wrote each thoughts right after watching the episode, as opposed to watching all episodes first and […]

Spring 2017 – Weeks 7 & 8

Finally got the time to catch-up and squeeze this post in. Let’s keep this short. Alice to Zouroku – Episodes 7 & 8 Underappreciated. Hope it gets more love from the audience. Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – Episodes 8 & 9 Ochako’s always been a great and fun character to watch… which leaves me […]

Spring 2017 – Week 2

Courtesy tells me that I should not write anything about Persona 5 in this post because that game already consumed majority of my free time I could’ve otherwise spent watching anime… oh, wait. I just did. Screw it. Alice to Zouroku – Episode 2 A pleasant episode. Is Alice to Zouroku going to be this […]

Winter 2017 – Week 13 (END)

Ahh, the freedom. That feeling of liberty after going through what must have been an eternity. I only have Maid Dragon and Tales of Zestiria left to cover — let’s make this quick. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 13 (END) Hmm. What can I say? That wasn’t the kind of ending I was […]

Kuzu no Honkai – Episodes 10 – 12 (END)

Thank you. For a moment there, I think I heard a slight crack in Akane-sensei’s voice. I’ve gotten used to hearing her in her usual vile and venomous tongue, that even the slightest change in her pitch in the right time is enough to floor me to tears. It’s these moments wherein I feel like […]

Winter 2017 – Week 12

Spring anime are already starting to make their debut, yet I’m still stuck in blogging Winter 2017… or what remains of it. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 12 I was about to tear up at the middle of this episode.  It’s funny that something so trivial and taken for granted such as appreciating […]

Winter 2017 – Week 11

Winter 2017 is still going strong despite 3-gatsu and Rakugo now behind us. That should be held as a compliment in my opinion, specially with hindsight that the previous seasons felt over right when one or two shows drew its curtains. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 11 As of now, the best thing […]