Winter 2017 – Week 12

Spring anime are already starting to make their debut, yet I’m still stuck in blogging Winter 2017… or what remains of it.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – Episode 12


I was about to tear up at the middle of this episode.  It’s funny that something so trivial and taken for granted such as appreciating someone’s cooking can be overlooked almost every day, yet when you give a second to think about it, it actually has more to tell than what the flavor is or the type of food that you stuffed on your mouth last night (okay, well, sorry, Mom — I still don’t think I’ll ever like janitor fishes). Maid Dragon is one of the most sympathetic anime out there that will manage to pull at your hearstrings every episode. It doesn’t pose a complex and complicated story/lesson, but that very fact is what makes it easier for me to relate to the characters even though the person I’m relating to is a dragon. KyoAni’s deft handling of its animation and visuals helped a lot as well in giving Maid Dragon‘s characters a more human element to them. I love how Tohru throws her fists in the air showing how comfortable and eager she is. I love how Kobayashi exhales a fume of beer after a hard day at work. I love how Kanna tugs at Kobayashi’s shirt indicating that she wanted something, but can’t find the words to say so. Show, don’t tell, or so they say; and for an anime whose characters aren’t as vocal with their emotions and feeling, these subtle gestures and nuances are very important in fleshing them out.

I guess Maid Dragon is somewhat a love letter to those people we cherish, but never finding the moment to express that appreciation through words. I mean, I watched this episode as I wait for my mom to knock on my door, breakfast on hand, asking me how today’s work was. It was okay, I said, while watching Kobayashi get wasted. I took care of your health insurance earlier.

I should’ve at least thanked her for the food. Yeah, well, I’m a goddamn dandere and I have to be in character.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 12 (PLEASE JUST END)


Press X to skip dialogue.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – Episode 12 (END)

ACCA drew its curtains unceremoniously… that sounds very much like ACCA 13.

I’m a simple man. I watch something, I enjoy it, and I don’t see something to dislike, I give it a 10 — and ACCA gets a 10. Or a 13. Whatever. Visuals were great from start to end. OST was amazingly smooth. Background art is gorgeous to look at. Every episode has its own unique charm and personality, all due to how intriguing and well rendered each districts are. Character designs are right up my alley. I gave up half-way trying to piece together the narrative — I’m sure I would’ve made sense of it if I gave it another try — and even if I spoiled myself as early as episode 3 that Jean is of royal blood, ACCA never stopped bringing the twists in every turn. It’s like one of those crime novels, but the difference is that no murder was committed. The conclusion just sorta… fizzled, vanished into thin air, and that’s fine. Everyone’s at peace. No bullets shot — oh, sorry, Nino. Problem solved. ACCA 13. The End.

Weekly Weekly-chan


Little Witch Academia‘s on its new season’s tie and suit, and I feel like it’s more fitting to talk about it on my Spring weekly write ups. I just watched both My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan‘s second season’s premier, and I’ve got to say the latter sure did kick ass. MHA, on the other hand, had the leisure to spend a third of its episode doing a fucking recap because why the hell not 25 episodes fuck you Titans. Whatever. I’ll talk more about this next week… unless Persona 5 drags me to gaming hell… which I don’t mind happening.

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