Winter 2017 – Week 5

Probably the weakest week this season thus far. Rakugo‘s proving to be resilient with its consistency, whilst a mixed reception is in store for LWA. The star of this week has got to be Seiren, and it’s very much surprising how much impact to a show can a change in lead do.

Masamune-kun no Revenge – Episode 5


Uh oh. There’s a new kid in town! Competition’s going to get tougher for Onodera and Chitoge.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – Episode 5


For some reason Kikuhiko reminds me of my dad. Anyways, perfect/10 episode. Rakugo is in top shape this week, and episode 5 couldn’t get any better. The atmosphere and the imagery in the latter part is one easy example of how a story sucks you in to its world.

Little Witch Academia (TV) – Episode 5


A hit and a miss. Nothing much to say from this episode other than it didn’t feel all that Trigger’ish at all… which isn’t exactly wrong after hearing all these hubbubs that episode 5 was wholly outsourced.

Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 – Episode 5


Maybe replaying the game will yield a more fulfilling experience? I don’t know. At least they’re doing a better job at wrapping Rose’s arc up in this adaptation. We also got some Brad backstory which is what I felt was missing before concluding anything, and now that it’s out in the open, I’m no longer sure how I should feel about it.

As usual, the preview is the best thing this show has to offer (for me, at least). I love that little in-joke wherein Dezel nailed a cool line, and the Queen of Lame Puns herself, Lailah, was like nonchalantly unimpressed. Will she be able to make a comeback next week? The wind will tell…

Demi-chan wa Kataritai – Episode 5


Man, I just love how convincing Demi-chan is when it’s reconciling moe with science and folklore. Smaller details become the macro, and every scene doesn’t feel dull to watch. There were some nudge nudge wink wink fan servicey stuff that I’m glad they’re being discreet with instead of blown out pantsu shots every 3 seconds. Also loving Snow Woman-chan, and the clear cut character development of hers puts Takahashi-sensei one step closer to completing his harem. Clever stuff.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – Episode 5


ACCA‘s turning bread into a full-course banquet. Nothing’s snapping yet, but boy this episode sure do look gorgeous. The backgrounds did a lot of work to breathe life to new locations, and I guess it would be fair to say that ACCA‘s presentation with its world-building is as good as last season’s Flip Flappers.

Seiren – Episode 5


“Well, deers do sound kinda lewd when they purr.”

Is this show on crack or something?

Whatever the case is, Seiren got a lot better after the focus fetish shifted from deers to bunnies with Miyamae taking the helm. While it took me at least 3 episodes to warm up to Tsuneki, Miyamae convinced me that she’s the better lead after a well placed head-shot. My reasons for liking her character may be biased — given that I too prefer a partner who’s into gaming or whatever stuff I’m into — instead, I do feel  like Miyamae had more ‘quirks’ to her character as shown in just this one episode alone than that of the entirety of Tsuneki’s arc. The former is a lot more fun to watch, whilst the latter’s suggestive approach to MC only ended up grating from start to finish. Heck, even the chemistry between Miyamae and MC’s starting to look promising.

Weekly Weekly-chan


Truth be told, I’m supposed to be going somewhere with my colleagues this weekend. Ditched them because anime. Anime – 1, social life – 0.

Anyways, finally saw the first two Kizumonogatari movie. It was a lot different than what I imagined it to be. Actually has more activity going on than the usual visual quirks and talking which made it feel more subdued. Nevertheless, the film only strengthened my belief that Hanakawa and Araragi is the best couple that we never got.

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