Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 9

If you think a giant colony of fused zombies isn’t enough, wait till you see a kabane that can shoot laser. Evolving from a standard zombie apocalypse to a battle against a psychopathic tyrant and a laser shooting monster; just how will Kabaneri wrap itself up?

Unnecessary blood was shed this episode as Biba finally made his move, even going as far as to massacre everybody in the outpost just to prove his own shallow idea of revenge. As it turns out, his title of “The Liberator” isn’t just for show. The catch is that he liberates them, kabane and humans alike, through death. In his eyes, a dead kabane and a dead human are equal beings. Why struggle to live when you can just die in peace? Such is the ideal of a classic villain with a twisted sense of justice. The full picture as to what turned Biba into the monster he is now is still up for debate. At this point, the humans will become extinct from fighting each other rather than the kabane unless Mumei gets her shit together and stop sucking up to his pretend brother, which raises the question: what is she going to do now that Biba’s true nature is exposed?

Biba is just turning worse every second. The fact that he thinks it’s the right thing to do makes me hate the guy even more. In a way, he’s doing his job as a villain really effectively. Kinda like how Snape and Itachi revealed themselves as a good guy in the end. I can’t help but think that this may also be the case with Biba. It’s just that I still can’t come up with a valid explanation of how, or why he hates the shogun, his father, so much to the extent of bloodying his hands with countless murders. God, those poor kids…

I have to award the star of this episode to both Ayame and Horobi, Biba’s underling. Ayame didn’t really do much, yes, but the way she stood her ground against Biba without flinching demands commendation. She has turned from a clumsy and indecisive princess, into someone worth the title of a queen. You go, girl! Plus, to the delight of my imaginative mind, her little shipping with Kurusu went a notch higher. Horobi, on the other hand, impressed me with her loyalty to Biba. I feel that it’s the kind of loyalty borne out of unrequited love to her master. We never really got much backstory out of her but in the end, she’s just one of those pawns dancing in the palms of Biba. Her transformation, although a bit overkill, is terrifyingly magnificent to behold. I’m pretty sure I had to move a bit back from the screen when she used her Hyper Beam skill. It was totally out of nowhere. Also, I’m not sure if the Black Smoke they met from the earlier episodes is related to Biba but I kinda think it is. It does explain why the outpost itself is in ruins. Probably a result of Biba and his crew experimenting on the capabilities of the kabaneri.

In the end, I have mixed feelings for this episode. Don’t get me wrong. Despite all the plot holes and inconsistencies, Kabaneri is still a good show that puts me at the edge of my seat. Why did Yukina accompany Ayame with meeting the chief instead of Kurusu? Kurusu would’ve stood a chance at stopping Biba. How the heck can a zombie shoot a friggin laser? There are a lot of things I do want to nitpick about this series but meh… I’m still enjoying Kabaneri more than that of AoT. Well, that’s that. Till next week!

3 Replies to “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Episode 9”

  1. I’m so confused right now. And honestly, I think the most rage-inducing part of the episode was seeing the drawbridge held up with rope…seriously, just rope.

    Also, Yukina accompanied Ayame because Maeda insisted that only women and children could accompany her, just like with Biba. He mentions that to Ayame right before Biba arrives.


    1. Kabaneri’s been forcing these absurdities into us and I usually just tend to ignore them. This episode’s in another level though :/ kinda like they’re doing it in purpose because the plot demands it.


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