Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 6

Umm, yeah… We’re still watching Tales of Zestiria the X, guys.

If nothing else, episode 6 serves as a shameless promotion for the upcoming Tales of Bersersia game dated to release in Japan next week. While the inclusion of Velvet and her crew into the timeline of Zestiria makes sense in a business standpoint, nothing has been answered thus far to bridge the relation of the two series in the grand scheme of things. So what was the storm about from the last episode? Hell do I know. Will Velvet have a lasting impact in Zestiria that can justify allotting two episodes for her? Don’t ask me. The only thing that ties the two series together is the presence of the malevolence — other than that is blind guesswork. Well, so long as her appearance makes sense and fits to make Zestiria‘s story interesting in the long-run, then why not?

Though come to think of it, everything leading up to this episode is merely in service of promoting a fresh new game aka Berseria. It’s not really uncommon for producers to take advantage of the anime market to promote their products, in fact, it’s basically how almost all of anime are produced in the first place. Then what gives? Nothing, really.There’s just a mix of uncertainty and expectation from me that begs the questions 1.) will this promotional agenda make Zestiria the X any good and 2.) will Velvet’s appearance make any sense other than being a propaganda. Of course, neither of which can be answered now given that we’re not even near the end of this series, though it’s pretty obvious from this post that I seriously don’t want to see this end up in a clusterfuck — both as a fan of the game and of the anime medium.


Anyways, moving along. Episode 6 introduces us to Velvet, a total bad-ass. Ironically, it only took 5 minutes of her for me to decide that she’s a better protagonist than that of Sorey. Velvet is riddled with mystery, to no one’s surprise. Yet, they left enough dots for the viewers to connect and justify her intentions and attitude — a great way to sell a character to the audience. Sorey, on the other hand, plays the role of the “good guy” down to a T which is… uninteresting considering that we haven’t really been treated to why he’s like that or on what makes him tick. However, Sorey’s personality and role fits perfectly into the narrative of Zestiria, so then again I can’t blame him for what he is. In a way, Velvet is a perfect contrast to Sorey, being able to harness the power of the malevolence for some reason, while the latter himself is the bane of malevolence. Character design further enunciates this difference. Sorey’s prim and proper white to blue palette reeks of pureness (and blandness), while Velvet’s tattered black to crimson screams vileness (and awesomeness). Hey, maybe their encounter will revolve around this juxtaposition? After all, they appear to be fighting in the OP.

As much as I’m loving Berseria’s setting and crew, seeing this episode in the middle of a building climax felt totally underwhelming. We’ve gotten familiar to the terms used from the earlier episodes, and suddenly listening to Velvet and the others speak jargons left me scratching my head in confusion. As if the exposition from Zestiria isn’t clear enough, we then find ourselves thrown into another setting without so much of a hint that connects the two worlds together. Well, come to think of it, the hype last episode brought is precisely because of Velvet, so I guess we got what we wanted, right? Nah, not really. The introduction of an entirely new setting disrupted the pace and build-up of the anime, and I don’t think understanding Berseria‘s world will be of some use in comprehending how ToZX’s story pans out.

Short thoughts:

  • It’s going to be tricky. The producers can’t spoil too much Berseria material in the anime given that it hasn’t been released yet. Maybe what we’re going to see is just the first hour of the game or the demo.
  • It’s tricky, but if it worked out, it’s going to be quite a feat.
  • Lailah > Seres. Seres is a pretty interesting character too though.
  • Seriously, Velvet’s chara-de is hot. I love red. But I love red on black even more (reminds me of a Black Forest cake).
  • Are daemons the same as hellions? Possible. Maybe Velvet consumes them to strengthen her malevolence induced powers.
  • Uhh, exorcists? Are they Shepherds? Or Seraphs? I don’t know. Reconciliating the two is fruitless.
  • I don’t even want to mention the use of the game’s OP in this episode. The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that they ran out of Berseria material to animate. It’s nice to hear that song again tho.

To those reading this who hasn’t played the Zestiria game and are still lost from what’s happening, let me know. I’d be eager to explain things you find confusing from the anime (except the Velvet stuff). In any case, episode 6 is disappointing, though I guess it did its job at promoting Berseria. Sadly, I’m not yet sold on the game. Sorry, Bandai. I’ll see you guys next week!

4 Replies to “Tales of Zestiria the X – Episode 6”

  1. Good point on it being a shoe in promotion of the game. Yeah Velvet really kicks ass. I’m one of these weird ones, where I don’t actually mind Sorey being prim and proper. Maybe because I’m like that or near enough to it?? xDD. I wasn’t disappointed, I was aware of her making an appearence in the anime, so it is nice to finally see her in action and her VA is very good. Good post!!!.

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    1. Haha! Nah, it’s not weird at all. Sorey is a great MC for Zestiria because he totally fits his role. It’s just that when I think back on the game, his personality/weakness wasn’t explored that much which kinda made him constant/static from start to finish.

      If Velvet continues to impress, I might take the bait of buying the game once it releases outside JP lol

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      1. Same here, Velvet certainly caught me by surprise. And can’t wait till it comes out :D. Agree. Hopefully the anime will develop or ‘flesh’ him a lot more.

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  2. Commenting on this episode after playing 40+ hours of Berseria, the wait was worth it imo. That’s just me. I think I’m close to the end of that one so I’ll finish it when able.


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