Flip Flappers – Episode 10

Hopefully, Flip Flappers won’t close its curtains without a good bang.


Rather, I hope Flip Flappers would prove my gut feeling wrong: that its finale is going to be second only to Euphonium‘s burgeoning emotional climax. While my fears were founded from the thought that we would be left with a discombobulated mess of an ending, episode 10 proves otherwise granted that the revelations were pretty much reasonable and didn’t feel like a random ass pull out of nowhere (like c’mon, we’ve already deduced those weeks ago). However, as much as I appreciate Flip Flappers for being concise in its explanations, I honestly can’t help but, well, feel unexcited after being given the ‘straight to the point’ expositions. Mimi was Cocona’s mother? Wow, really? Grandma was a member of the cult all along? Shock! An amorphous is inside Cocona? Oh. my. gosh. Yayaka’s reason for befriending Cocona is all because she was being used by the cult? NOOOOOOO!!!1!!

Yeah, I know I’m acting a bit overdramatic there, sorry. But honestly, for a show that thrived on its creative and trippy imagination via the use of Pure Illusion, I was expecting a bit more, uh, subversive/veiled storytelling, which made me step back and reassess whether or not I’m missing something, or if there’s a subtext lying around here aaaaaand nope I can’t find one yet (*cough* the flowers). We’ve got three episodes left anyways so no biggie — I’m just not a fan of this episode, that’s all.


Suffice to say, I guess this episode’s focus wasn’t exactly on the revelations, but instead on how Cocona reacts to those revelations and how it adds up to the grand scheme of things. Up to this point, Cocona had been on a roller-coaster ride of fakery that I’d start feeling iffy too with about everything. It plays well into Flip Flappers‘ theme of illusions, only that the illusions Cocona were facing weren’t tangible in nature, rather, they were conceived from the emotional attachments she clung herself onto over the course of this show.

Short thoughts:

  • One of my shortest post to date in this blog. Really, I can’t find anything to talk about as it was already explained this episode.
  • That’s not to say there were no interesting tidbits though.
  • Love that hard cut to Cocona’s grandma standing. Really creepy how they revealed her true side.
  • Salt? a Lake? a City? Hmm…
  • A love triangle endig between Mimi, Papikana, and Salt would be crazy.
  • Sooooo what does the painting in the hallway got to do with everything?
  • All right. Probably the reason why the cult is letting Cocona move freely with the Flip Flap crew is all precisely because Cocona, for some reason, is transported to the right Pure Illusion world that has an amorphous. I mean, Grandma was aware that she’s working with the Flip Flaps, right?
  • I’m guessing the cult’s leader is Salt’s dad. Who are Sayuri and Hidaka then? Probably test subjects too?
  • Some time travel shizz going on. I’m assuming Papika can transform/revert back freely to her older self, Papikana — or maybe that older Papika in the preview was from a flashback /shrugs/. Salt’s remark “you haven’t changed at all” probably refers to Papika’s personality, not her physical age or anything.
  • Why would there be an amorphous inside Cocona? Was it planted by the cult? A scar probably means that it forced its way inside unnaturally — like something from an accident.

Nah, whatever. We’ve got three episodes left, and I just can’t imagine what’s going to happen and what’s going to be the end-game from here on out, so I guess revealing the cards weren’t that bad of a thing at all. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week!

2 Replies to “Flip Flappers – Episode 10”

  1. I enjoyed the episode but I do agree that all this time outside of Pure Illusion and sussing out a few backstories has temporarily removed the show a bit from its most interpretative and thoughtful content. I’m actually rather excited by how many ‘reveals’ this episode had in that, I want to see what Flip Flappers aims to do once all of its mysteries are out in the open. I’d prefer to get a lot of these revelations out of the way now than holding on to them tightly until the last episode just to plow through everything at once. I have to imagine we’ll get back into the more imagery-laden, subtextual stuff before all is said and done.

    I do think more time could have been spend on Cocona’s grandmother though – that’s a pretty huge betrayal for her to suffer after already feeling that everyone else she knows has turned against her. You get a keen sense of how grave the development is but the whole thing is over in a matter of seconds and I would have liked a bit more time put towards that scene in particular. Thanks for sharing.

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