Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 2

There’s no turning back, kindle. You asked for this, you horny bastard.


A rather slow episode, but the turtle pace was worth the shuffle thanks to that rather uhh sudden turn of events. I thought I was smart after guessing that Ecchan’s gay for Hanabi, but I underestimated Kuzu no Honkai‘s love for risque stuff. While I’m loving the twist and turns so far, I feel like KnH still has a lot to do with making their characters more convincing. The shocking stuff are just… that — shocking. I know I’m asking for too much here, granted that we’re only at the second episode, then again we’ve practically already met all the important characters there is to the story, so most likely KnH will start diving deeper into the minds of its horny cast sooner or later.

That’s not to say that I felt jaded from start to finish, as there were genuine emotional moments that tugged at my heartstring without the show resorting to tongue to tongue action. There’s that bit wherein Hanabi’s reaching out to Sensei, and then this sweet piano tune interjected, lingered in the air, then a Naruto OP sung in Hanabi’s awful voice butted in. It reminds me so much of White Album 2, in which that anime is pretty well-known for its memorable soundtrack that arguably carried the show’s climactic points to greater heights. After all, every great dramatic/romantic scenes that became etched into my mind are always accompanied with an equally great score of its own. Kare Kano‘s confession scene? Got you covered. Cross Game‘s tearjerker of a first episode? Ask no further. Spice and Wolf‘s long awaited kiss between Holo and Lawrence? Duuuuuuuude. You get where I’m coming from. It’s not that KnH isn’t doing nothing with the music, but for some reason, it just feels like a hit and a miss for me so far.


Regardless, it would be a huge boost to my appreciation of this show if it can give me a reason why I should feel sad or gutted or smitten or anything. I guess KnH may just be taking its time to stage the narrative and the characters, with the twist of the dagger happening later on, but, hey, perhaps Kuzu no Honkai may not be about the emotions of feeling romantic, in love, or heartbroken. Maybe it’s just out there to show us how screwed up and rotten love can become — to show us how disgustingly cathartic it is to love the abnormal way, unlike those fluffy too good to be true romance anime there are. If it is, then KnH is doing a damn fine job at that, because boy I really want to kick Mugi in the balls. Dude’s disgusting me to high heavens, and I hope someone can prove me wrong with my line of thinking that he isn’t simply using Hanabi to jerk one off (but I guess Hanabi is basically doing the same, it’s just that she’s more flustered). Or, wait, is this even love we’re talking about to begin with? I. Don’t. Know.


Short thoughts:

  • Most Cutest Angel is legit cute but I’m starting to cast my doubts on the purity of these characters. Is Girl Sensei that… girl in the flashback taking advantage of Mugi? I… don’t know.
  • Hanabi giving a warning to Moca that she shouldn’t cling to things she doesn’t own, when bitch Hanabi herself almost clung to her sensei. Irony is really sweet, no?
  • Mugi and Hanabi’s chemistry is great, all right, but for some reason I can’t stand Mugi. He’s kissing Hanabi out of nowhere, and I’d assume I should take that as a sign that he’s thinking of Girl Sensei — not Hanabi. Cheeky bastard.
  • Love those borders framing Moca’s flashback.
  • Product placements?
  • So how did a Girls Talk turn into a Girls Talk and Chill?

What. the fuck. am I. watching. but. I. love. how. dirty this is. Not everyday you see something blatantly NSFW like this airing in a season… heeeeey, how did Yosuga no Sora turned out by the way? Wasn’t sure if that got the same reception as this. Whatever. I’ll see you folks next week~


5 Replies to “Kuzu no Honkai – Episode 2”

  1. Not in the mood for a complicated romantic drama myself. MAYBE if it goes favorably once it’s done I might give it a go. For now all I can say is good luck.

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      1. I loved the first two, actually, and I’m already starting to feel the tension waiting to snap. I’ll probably lose my head when Fem Sensei turns out to be a real slut.

        I’m doing my best to avoid any KnH forums. I feel like this is one of those shows that I can’t tolerate when it comes to spoilers lol


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